Mycotheca dell'Università degli Studi di Torino


Safe deposit

The MUT offers a confidential Safe Deposit service, according to the current prices list.

You are kindly invited to contact the MUT Curator first, before proceeding to the deposit request, which should be performed on line by means the registration on MUT website.

The fungal strains conferred to the MUT as safe deposit are exclusive property of the depositor. All information about these strains is treated confidentially, and it is not showed into the MUT public database. The access to the strain is exclusively allowed to the depositor or a delegate.

The strains viability will be assessed before the inclusion in the collection. MUT will keep them viable and uncontaminated for the minimum period of 1 year. This period can be renewed every year. The written renewal request should be received by MUT before the end of the current period, than the MUT will sand the invoice.

If the depositor is no longer interested in the safe deposit, he must notify it by certified mail to the MUT. The depositor may request the destruction of the strains, their recovery or the transition to the public deposit.

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