Mycotheca dell'Università degli Studi di Torino


Price list

Price list of Mycotheca Universitatis Taurinensis, Annex of Department Council in April 16th, 2018

Companies or private organizationsUniversity or equivalent Institutions
Order of a fungal strainEuro 150Euro 100
Identificazion of fungi in pure culture (average time of service supply 15-20 working days depending on the status of the received culture)Euro 150Euro 110
Fast identification of fungi in pure culture (average time of service supply 5-7 working days). Contact MUT for specifications about samples sending (1)Euro 250Euro 180
Analysis of intraspecific genetic variability (microsatellite DNA region)

from Euro 200 to 400 per strain (2)

from Euro 150 to 300 per strain (2)
Purification of fungal culturesEuro 110Euro 80
DNA extraction and sendingEuro 110Euro 100
Safe deposit for the first yearEuro 300Euro 200
Safe deposit from the second yearEuro 200Euro 150
Lyophilisation (20 samples per strain)(3)Euro  400Euro 300
Revitalising of a lyophilised fungal strainEuro 150Euro 100
Preparation of semipermanent microscope slides for teaching or research aimsEuro 60Euro 40
Consulting servicesDepending on customer requests


(1) In general, it is advisable to transfer fungi on Malt Extract Agar (MEA) and send colonies about 7 days old.
(2) The prices varies according to the number of markers used.
(3) The prices is valid only for culture that can be lyophilised with routine methods.

The prices do not include VAT. Shipping and mission costs are charged to the customer.

For continuative services a special price may be applied.