Mycotheca dell'Università degli Studi di Torino



The MUT preserves about 5000 strains belonging to almost all classes of filamentous fungi of about 1100 species. Moreover, some yeast and bacterial strains are conserved basically for didactic aims.
The collection is particularly interesting from an ecological and applicative point of view. Actually, many fungal isolates preserved by MUT have been characterized for their ecological and physiological properties and includes mycorrhizal strains, biocontrol and bioindicator agents as well as antibiotic and enzyme producers to be used in industrial and bioremediation applications. The collection includes also several potentially harmful fungi isolated from both human, animal, and vegetal pathological specimens and environmental sites.

The strains are mainly kept by cryoconservation, by lyophilization, and as actively growing cultures on special low nutrient agar. A small number of strains are preserved under mineral oil (basidiomycetes) or water (Phytophtora spp.). The strains are identified and characterized using morpho-phylogical and molecular methods.

The MUT collection of fungi is included in the World Federation Culture Collections (WFCC) and it is a member of the European Culture Collections’ Organisation (ECCO). The collection is embedded in a scientific-accademic environment, which guarantees the quality of the fungal isolates and their correct conservation. Moreover, the MUT promotes the development of scientific programmes to enlarge its collection and to improve the quality of the material entrusted to them.

The MUT acts in accordance with the italian and international laws, as determined by the Convention of Biological Diversity, undersigned by over 180 Countries in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 June 5th, and ratified in Italy in 1994 February 14th.

Besides, the MUT shares, supports and applies in its sphere of influence, the Ten Principles of the Global Compact of the United Nations, in order to create an economic, social and environmental action to promote healthy and sustainable global economy that guarantees all the opportunity to share in the benefits.