Mycotheca dell'Università degli Studi di Torino


Order of fungal strains or genomic DNA

MUT provides fungal strains, according to the current price list. The payment is not aimed to the purchase of the strains, but it is a contribution to the collection management costs.
After a direct contact with the Mut Curator, orders can be placed preferably by on line procedure, by registering on MUT website.

Order a fungal strain now

Customer obligations

For the order of strains without commercial use, the customer has to ratify the Material Transfert Agreement (MTA) prearranged by the MUT. Customers cannot claim ownership over organisms provided by MUT, nor seek industrial property rights over them.

For orders aimed to the strains commercial exploitation, the customer must ratify a MTA formulated and agreed on purpose with the MUT. Moreover, any benefit have to be shared with the Country of origin, in agreement with the Convention on Biological Diversity. It is customer responsibility to ensure that the obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity are met.

Distribution of MUT strains to third parties is not allowed. The MUT strains used for publications should be cited by their MUT number.

The customer must ensure they can receive and hold the required cultures in accordance with both national and international regulations. A form for the acceptance of the responsibility of receiving biological materials must be filled by the customer.

Hazardous groups

Plant pathogens
Clients who wish to obtain cultures of allochthonous plant pathogens must first obtain permission (Directive 2000/29 CE and further modifications). For information on transport of plant pathogens throughout Europe, please contact European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO), 1 rue le Nôtre, 75016 Paris, France. Tel: +331 45 20 77 94; Fax: +331 42 24 89 43.

Human and animal pathogens
The MUT exclusively keeps strains of risk group 1 and 2 (European directive 93/88/EEC and further modifications). Strains belong to risk group 1 are generally not signalled in the MUT database, since they have no restriction to distribution and they can be handled according to good laboratory practice. Opportunistic strains (H1), which have been isolated from immunocompromized persons, usually belong to this group, too. On the contrary, strains belong to risk group 2 (H2) are only distributed to professional workers in qualified laboratories. Moreover, the subscription of a form for the acceptance of responsibility for potentially pathogenic organisms is required.

Hallucinogenic and toxic strains
Fungi labelled as T1 organisms do not produce toxins and have no restriction to their distribution. Fungi considered a potential danger for public health are provided with a code T2 and T3 and are only sent to qualified laboratories, who have signed the acceptance form of responsibility for potentially hallucinogenic or toxic materials.

Supply of cultures, packaging and shipping

Whenever possible, fungal strains will be promptly sent as lyophilized cultures, with the instructions for the revitalization of freeze-dried fungal cultures. It is recommended to check the viability of freeze-dried cultures soon after receipt them. Any problem must be promptly reported to the MUT.

Otherwise, the fungal strains can be provided in active growth condition on agar medium, with a minimum waiting time of two weeks. The customer will be informed about the needed time by e-mail or phone.
On request, freeze-dried strains can be revived and provided on agar for a surcharge (please, see pricelist).

The cost of material packaging and shipment is charged to the customer. The material will be duly packed and protected for the sending, which generally is by post. Please verify possible limitations reported by International Bureau of the UPU in Bern, or by the Society for General Microbiology.

In case of broken tubes or ampoules containing potentially dangerous organisms (group 2 reported on the labeling), stop unpacking and autoclave. Do not return in any case the material, but immediately contact the MUT for the replacement of the material.

Invoicing and payment

Costs of packaging and shipment will be added to these fess reported in the price list. The invoice will be separately sent from the fungal strain. Payments should refer to invoice number.


Complaints about identity, contamination or non viability of cultures can be accepted only if they are communicated to MUT ina written form within two months after the date of despatch, and if instructions for revival, cultivation and storage have been properly followed.
In case of lyophilised cultures, please allow sufficient time for spores germination. Despite rigorous quality control, it is possible that the strain may fail to grow, may be contaminated or may not have the property expected for the organism requested. When the revitalisation instructions have been properly followed, the strain will be replaced with a growing culture on agar where possible. If not possible a refund will be given in the form of a credit note.
The MUT cannot guarantee that specific strains will show all original cultural, morphological or physiological characters, although these characters may be retained over long periods of cultivation.


Customers receiving MUT strains are responsible for their safe storage, handling and use. Neither the MUT nor the University of Turin can be responsible for damages or injuries resulting from use, storage or loss of a MUT culture. Moreover, neither the MUT nor the University of Turin are not liable for damages arising from misidentification of strains.